The Tranexamic Technologies group is managed by Paul Stewart and Frank Murdock, and is supported by private investment and the collaboration of experts in different fields from several leading universities and other organizations.

Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart (BA, MA, Stanford University; JD, University of Texas) was a partner in the international law firm Baker & McKenzie before taking an offer to lead the U.S. operations of the Leibinger companies, a global medical device business based in Germany.  With close involvement and supervision by Stewart, Leibinger developed and launched numerous pioneering new products that revolutionized craniofacial and neurosurgical procedures.  Stewart led the sale of Leibinger to Pfizer and then continued to lead Leibinger’s operations, as well as serving on the Management Board of Pfizer’s large orthopedic subsidiary.  Stewart was then involved in a venture capital firm investing in early stage healthcare companies, and was co-founder of several businesses in the healthcare field.  In 2013, Stewart joined Frank Murdock to help develop the Tranexamic Technologies business.  He is a co-inventor in 7 patent filings relating to the TXCAs.

Frank Murdock

Frank Murdock (BA, University of Texas) led the global Neurosurgery Division of the Leibinger companies before and after the Pfizer acquisition.  He then led Sales and Marketing and Clinical Affairs for Image Guided Neurologics (acquired by Medtronic).  Murdock became involved with the initial company in the Tranexamic Technologies group as an investor, and then as an inventor of some of its core technologies involving new applications of TA.  He brings the group his extensive knowledge of TA, as well as his long experience in developing and launching new medical products and working closely with clinicians, university collaborators, and commercial partners.  He is the inventor or co-inventor of 12 patents issued or pending.